A Real-World App

I have created my first real world app.  It is for credit card reporting where I work.  I’ve taken our painfully inefficient reporting process and moved it online.  My boss has seen it and approves, now we have to get staff appto buy in.  Whether we end up using it or not, I’ve learned a lot.

Currently it’s hosted on Cloud 9 for development.  I’m not sure how I’ll deploy it, probably heroku with AWS.

printable viewIt is not complete, but it is at the point where I could deploy it and it would get the job done.  Users can enter transactions and get reports.  I plan on adding features as time goes by.


According to Rescue Time, I have spent about 51 hours this month on software development and research.   That’s not a lot but I’ve had lots of family stuff going on this month.

I rolled my own authentication and built the css layouts from scratch.  It has a printable view so reports can be printed out and signed.  Testing is not complete.

I started this app around the beginning of the month, and it’s been most of my work this month, with a few other things here and there.  So my first MVP took about 50 hours.  It will be interesting to see how that number changes as I get more experience.

The code is on github here.

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