Linter to the Rescue

I’m currently using the Atom text editor.  I’ve been trying to stay text-editor agnostic, figuring that I will have plenty of time to optimize later.  But lately I’ve been hearing that Vim is worth learning.  This thoughtbot post pushed me over the edge, and so this weekend I gave it a shot.  I’m still nowhere near ready to use it all the time but working on it.

So tonight I started working on learning to use React with a Rails app.  I decided to start building in Atom at first, since that’s what I’m used to.  After a while though I figured I’d try Vim.

Of course, I jacked up the spacing on the file I was working on, and gave up (for tonight).  I went back into Atom and started working.   I edited the component I was working on, refreshed the browser, and:

ExecJS::RuntimeError  SyntaxError: [stdin]:5:10: unexpected . (ExecJS::RuntimeError)

The error was coming from layouts/application.html.erb, which was all auto generated code.  Wth?  I looked back over all my code, looking carefully at the indentations of the coffeescript.  Everything, line by line, was correct.

Luckily, Atom has a package manager and so it was easy to install coffee-lint. Sure enough:  I had added a line that somehow got pushed down below the code I was looking at.   Since the whole file was only a few lines long, I didn’t think to scroll down.  But the linter found the error immediately.

So… Atom 1, Vim 0.  I see that Vim has some linters available though so I’ll be giving it another shot.

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