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I’m currently reading Agile Web Development with Rails 4.  I’ve also signed up for Pat Maddox’s 21 day Challenge, which starts April 13th.  I’m interested to see how that works.  It will be a busy week for me so there might be some challenges to keeping up with the challenge but I hope I can get ‘er done.  I’ve bought Pat’s book, Ruby Steps and skimmed through but haven’t devoted much time to it.

My plan when I wrote my last post was to do some other tutorials, as I was having trouble with the Odin Project’s sample projects.  I was feeling like I was taking too long to figure out things like error messages and how I should structure and implement pretty basic stuff.  Instead of working through the projects on Odin, I completed the Rails Tutorial (except for chapter 10, which was skipped in the Odin Project’s sequence).  I then moved on to Jumpstart Lab’s Merchant tutorial.

Unfortunately,  this tutorial was written a few years ago and hasn’t been maintained, so some of the methods no longer work in rails 4.  I spent some time trying to update the methods, and learned a bit in the process, but I decided to work through the Agile Web Development book.  I hope to return to the Merchant Tutorial, because it was an interesting challenge and I was learning a lot about reading error messages and server logs.  It was just taking too damn long.

I feel like I keep running into roadblocks, but I’m learning some things about how I learn best.  The Odin Project would be much easier if there was an active community of folks to bounce things off of and ask questions.  There are some gaps in how things are presented.  Of course, those gaps are the things that a learner is expected to figure out on their own.  The problem for me is feeling like I’m falling into those gaps instead of figuring out how to jump across them.  Given my available time to code (an hour or two a day), I can easily spend a week trying to figure out why a single method won’t work for me.

Thus, the tutorials.  I can keep learning, have concepts reinforced and spelled out for me, and have the same things presented to me in different ways.  This feels much more productive than hours spent googling, changing a line of code, googling some more, changing the line of code again, etc.


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