The Janki Method for Faster Learning

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I have been using Anki flashcards for a while now, mainly to help memorize Ruby syntax, rails commands, and other things where rote memorization is helpful. I recently came across the Janki method, which relies heavily on Anki.

I will be giving this method a spin.  I have been reluctant to spend too much time optimizing.  Surely, the best way to learn to code is to study the concepts and practice writing code.  Optimizing seems like a distraction, especially if you have limited time.  But now that I am starting to learn a new language (JavaScript) which brings a different paradigm, taking some time to optimize might be helpful.

I will also be keeping some things in mind:

Twenty rules of formulating Knowledge:  Lays out hints and tactics for note taking and creating flash cards to maximize retention

Janki Method Refined

Oxbridge Notes on Note-Taking

A couple of other things to remember:  muscle memory is important – thus, practice coding as often as possible.

Visual memory is also important:

Visual cortex is that part of the brain in which visual stimuli are interpreted. It has been very well developed in the course of evolution and that is why we say one picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed if you look at the number of details kept in a picture and the easiness with which your memory can retain them, you will notice that our verbal processing power is greatly inferior as compared with the visual processing power. The same refers to memory. A graphic representation of information is usually far less volatile.

Anki allows images to be inserted into flashcards, so I’ll be playing with that.  Putting screenshots of code snippets on flashcards is one technique recommended by the creator of Janki.

Also, I usually find videos to be annoying and too slow.  I can read much faster than someone can talk.  But the visuals in a good video can be helpful, so I will be trying out more videos as I go along.

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