LOAD_PATH problem solved, another problem pops up

I’ve been working on the hangman project at the Odin Project.

I had a basic working program. I decided to break it up into some different files to get a better understanding of how classes and files interact with each other.

I had a lot of trouble with getting the dictionary to work once I did this. The game loads a word from a text file containing a long list of random words. Once I put the game into a couple different files, I couldn’t get the text file to load anymore. I was finally able to figure out a solution, although I still don’t completely understand what happened, once I read this blog post.

It seems that once a program has been executed, the file path for that program is set. So when I changed the file structure, the program was still looking for the dictionary (the “5desk.txt” file) in the same old place and couldn’t find it. This is strange, because I didn’t move the dictionary file, just split the ruby code into two different files. I added the following to my code:

File.join(File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)), "..", "5desk.txt")

and now things work.

I am still not 100% clear on how this works (more like 60%), so if any readers have reading materials or comments that can help me understand, please share!

Once I got the dictionary to work, I had to change the ruby code a little to reference the right instance variables. As it currently stands, the program runs, but the turns are borked. Instead of the turns variable counting up from 0, I can only run one game round, the turns variable gets set to the length of the word, and the program exits. I have pushed the code to github here, and I’ll copy some of it below since the github code will change in the future.


File.join(File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)), "..", "5desk.txt")
require_relative "lib/hangman.rb"
require_relative "lib/game_engine.rb"

play = GameEngine.new


require_relative "hangman.rb"

class GameEngine

def initialize
@game = Game.new
@turns = 0
@score = 0

attr_accessor :turns
attr_accessor :score
attr_accessor :game

def take_guess
puts "Guess a letter!"
print ">"
input = gets.chomp.downcase
i = 0
while i <= @game.word.length
if input == @game.word[i]
puts "The word contains #{input}!"
@game.word_board[i] = input
i += 1
i += 1
@turns += 1
print "#{@game.word_board.join} Guesses: #{@game.guesses.join} "

def play_game
print @game.word.join+"n"
print @game.word_board.join
while @turns < @game.word.length
puts " Turn #{@turns}"
#end class

require_relative "game_engine.rb"

puts "Hangman initialized"

class Game

def initialize
puts "New game initialized"
@word = pick_random.downcase.split(//).slice(0..-2)
@word_board = []
@guesses = []

attr_accessor :word_board
attr_accessor :word
attr_accessor :guesses

def pick_random
chosen_line = nil
File.foreach("5desk.txt").each_with_index do |line, number|
chosen_line = line if rand < 1.0/(number+1)
return chosen_line

def create_word_board
@word.length.times do
@word_board.push("_ ")

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