A Random Walk – On Rails

A couple weeks ago I created some code for a random walk simulation.  This was just for fun and a little bit of learning.

I didn’t take too long, and now I have a cool little command line thing.  I like to run it and just watch and see what kind of patterns it creates.

a random walk
click to see what a zombie will do if you leave it alone in a football field

Of course it is just a beginning.

Now I would like to figure out how to put this on rails.

All the tutorials for Ruby teach you how to do things from the command line, and output to the command line.  It’s cool, but kind of hard to share your work if you can only run programs by running the source code on a command line.  And all the rails tutorials are teaching me how to build facebook and twitter and reddit.  So there’s a gap in my knowledge of how to show simple little scripts like this on a web page.

I’m working on filling this gap.  I’ll post the results when I get them.

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