Goals for 2018

While I have time on the new year’s holiday I figured I’d share my goals for 2018.

Goals for coding/tech:

Set up a personal RSS feed and get away from social media. I remain interested in exploring and learning about data mining and the facebook/twitter api, but facebook has become a net timesuck for me, and I never really mastered the art of conversation in 140 characters or less. 280 characters is not much better. Somewhat inspired by this post on metafilter  but also by a yearning for the old days of the web, and the feeling that our current tech economy is becoming a panopticon.

On the other hand, I really do want to learn about data mining and social media apis. I picked up a couple books on this last year but only got ankle deep.

I want to build a blockchain just to say I did.

Learn React. It looks like the framework to learn in 2018. I poked around with it a couple years ago but couldn’t quite get the hang. With a little more web dev experience under my belt I’ll be giving it another try.

Get better at JavaScript. I can write make it do stuff but I’d like to gain some more advanced skills and a better understanding of Object Oriented and Functional JavaScript.

Build at least one app in another common back end language. C# and PHP seem to be the best options for employment where I live.

Learn Elixir – I dipped my toes into this a bit before the holidays and really enjoyed it. Hoping it might be one of the next big things.

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