Installing Linux Mint on VirtualBox, on a Windows 10 Laptop

So last month my trusty old Windows 7 laptop (which I grabbed at a great price right when Windows 8 was getting pushed out) died, or at least the monitor did.  My life situation was a little hectic and I needed a laptop fast.  So I rushed out and bought a new one.

I’ve still been using the old laptop for rails development, dual booting Ubuntu, just plugged into a monitor. Meanwhile I’ve been trying to set up Virtual Box to run linux on the new laptop, with a good deal of trouble.

I was finally able to get Linux Mint running, after several hours spread out over a month.  It turns out that I had to follow these instructions to allow any virtual machine to run.  Once that was done, installation was relatively straightforward.

I’ve been struggling with VirtualBox ever since I started learning rails.  I’m excited to start playing around with it now!

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