Learning C the Hard Way

I’ve been kind of scattershot in my learning lately.  I’ve been unsure as to what direction I should go.  I’ve dabbled in Angular and Meteor.  I tried a C++ course through Coursera and downloaded Visual Studio but I was turned off by the massive download and new environment.

I went to Meteor Spacecamp this weekend.  I’ve been working on new features for the app I built for work.  I’ve been thinking through a new app for work and made a couple of tries at that.  I’ve also been trying to deploy an existing app as a volunteer project.  That one’s hard.

As far as learning goes, I’ve decided to settle on learning C for now.  I know it’s a language that will be replaced by Rust or some other language and there’s no real reason to write code in it, but it seems like a good opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how code works in general.  Ruby is written in C.  So is PHP.

So I’ve started Zed Shaw’s Learn C the Hard Way, and I’m really liking it!  I’m up to chapter 15 on pointers.  I plan on completing this before I move on to something else.

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