My First Rails App Without a Tutorial

I recently created a check register app with Rails.  It’s simple, and needs some work, but I came up with the idea and created it without following any tutorial, so I’m feeling proud of myself!

I’m not going to deploy it until I get some things changed.  The code is at

I’m at an interesting point with it.  I have two different tables, one for checks and one for deposits.  I’m thinking about merging both of those into one table, called Transactions, which would have a “type” row, where I could select deposit or check.  But I’m not sure that’s the best way.  It might be better to keep the checks and deposits table separate, and link them to accounts through transactions.  I’ll be thinking about it.

I’ve also been thinking about putting my hangman game on rails, but having a little trouble conceptualizing it.  I think I will have a Game model, which will hold the random word, turns taken, letters guessed, etc – similar to the saved game in my version written in Ruby.  To save a game, instead of creating a text file using yaml, the game would just persist in the database.  The views would just be where input is taken.  But I’m not sure where the logic will go.  Still thinking about it!

I have made real progress, and feel great about creating a functional app on my own.  But I still have a long way to go, and I’m fighting that same old feeling of not knowing what to do next.  I should come up with a name for this feeling, since it’s so common.

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