Updating OpenSSL on Windows

My last post was about some problems I ran into with authenticating a twitter spam-bot project, using git bash and the twitter API. I finally figured out how to update Open SSL for my git – I just installed the newest version of Git! I had been using Git for Windows. Installing Git, instead of Git for Windows, updated my SSH version.

After hours of searching for a solution, I was happy to find one. I fired up git and ran ruby micro_blogger.rb, and…

certificate verify failed

Again, certificate verify failed.

I guess it could be that I’m running an older version of ruby? Or maybe something has changed about Twitter’s API. I really have no idea.

This is the frustrating part about learning to code. I am getting confident in my ability to bang out some lines of code that will do what I want. But I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make the code work, and many of the tutorials online don’t really address these strange little things that pop up, like the LOAD_PATH not working. I suppose it will get easier eventually.

Meanwhile I think I am going to do Codecademy’s Twitter API course and see if that offers any clues.

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