Using Cloud9

The most frustrating part of learning to code has been the amount of time I have to spend dealing with installations and getting things running.  I want to code, not google error messages to figure out why I can’t install a gem or plugin.

I took a little break for the past couple weeks.  This morning I started again.  Continuing on with the Odin Project rails section, I’m going to be working through Hartl’s Rails Tutorial.

I have gotten used to using my local setup, with sublime text and the command line.  But wouldn’t you know it, when I tried to create a new rails app, I got ERROR:  Failed to build gem native extension.  %&*$@#!.  This worked last month.  I tried this a couple different ways, tried installing an updated version of rails and tried again.  Still no dice.

I believe the problem is with JSON v 1.8.2, just leaving that as as note if I ever try to come back to fix this. But whatevs!  I’m done with this.

The Hartl’s tutorial recommends using Cloud 9 for the tutorial.  I gave it a try and so far it’s been easy enough.  If it can solve my problems with various installations I will be happy.


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